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Knowledge. Being ahead of the game. Being ahead of others or at least not too much behind. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what being in the online business scene is all about.

If you’re a cleaning woman (or man, for the matter) at a bar, chances are, you don’t have to learn too many new things every day, if anything at all. If you’re a bartender, there’s probably not too many new things you need to learn every day. Of course, if you’re the good kind that actually enjoys his job, you need to keep yourself updated with all the new shots and cocktails someone has managed to put together. All for the good of the customer. If you’re a bar owner, depending on the company surrounding you, it might happen that you don’t need to learn much on a daily bases. Maybe just a few tricks to get more money out of your customers. But if you’re in charge of the full-scale online marketing for the bar with enough room for 400 people, chances are that you have lots of new information to keep yourself busy with daily bases. Everything that has something to do with technology can change with a speed of light – success can come overnights, as well as doom.

And to make sure the latter doesn’t happen, as someone in digital marketing business you always need to know what’s happening there and how to keep yourself afloat.

Online Marketing Summit (OMS) 2013 helps people do just that – connect them with expert marketing practitioners, bring together the experts and technologies. OMS is proud of its hands-on learning approach which pretty much makes it possible for OMS attendees to create greater impact with their audience immediately.

If you’re interested in joining this marketing event, keep in mind that it takes place from February 11-13 and the earlier your register the cheaper it is.

Disclosure: This post has been requested by an advertiser.

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