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Did you know that 40 of energy in U.S. is consumed by the buildings sector, 30% by the industrial sector and 29% by the transportation sector? I didn’t. I also didn’t know that Carbon Dioxide Emissions for U.S. Buildings is roughly 2200 Million Metric Tons, and this number doesn’t include the industrial sector. In all honesty, these numbers don’t show us much, considering we probably can’t even imagine what the numbers mean. So an easy way to understand the size of the numbers is to compare them with something. For example, the emissions number back in 1980 was 1562 and expected number for 2035 is 2396 (according to U.S. Department of Energy).

And with everyone talking about energy crisis, global warming, the world population growth, it should be obvious that something should be done to address that by all of us.

The most simple things we can do is to change the way we live, start recycling (if you’re not doing it already), take shorter showers, and coming back to the beginning, make sure your building is as energy efficient as possible.

To help improve things and make realizing improvements as easy as possible, Johnson Controls, global leader in building efficiency, demonstrated the Panoptix solution at the Greenbuild Expo in San Francisco. Panoptix is a cloud-based open platform, combination of software and services, meant to help building managers of all sorts track the performance of their buildings and improve it. The system makes it possible to track the performance of the building systems and subsystems real time using your laptop or any other device for the matter and reduce energy use where possible.

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