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What mobile devices do you use?

admin on January 3rd, 2013

There was a time when, with the exception of doing paperwork on the go, there really was no need or purpose for a mobile device. Sure a lot of people had laptops, but how many of them needed them or really used them “mobile”? It was nice to be able to take all your files with you, but the sacrifice of computing power wasnt really worth it to do most of the things you really did with your computer. Then the Blackberry came along.

With the Blackberry you had in the palm of your hand the ability to text; or if you were so bold create whole documents with your thumbs LOL. Texting starting taking off, and well now it is replacing spoken word in person for some families. You find whole families that have lost the art of walking into the other room to ask a question. Just pick up the phone and text them. Shock and horror should you leave your phone in another room or not answer it when you are in the bathroom LOL

So suffice to say mobile technology is a part of our culture now. Now you dont even need a laptop you can just get a tablet. Quickly the tablet is replacing the laptop as the mobile computing device, while simultaneously expanding our desires for what our phone should do too. I read a story about babies who were given tablets with magazines on them and then later given an actual magazine. The babies thought the magazine was broken because the page didnt change when the pressed on it LOL

So now mobile computing is a part of our life. To keep track of our business and to run our social media campaigns properly a mobile device is an excellent tool

What types of mobile device do you use?

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