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According to the annual research by Johnson Controls, those organizations which set public goals are 50 percent more likely to implement energy efficiency measures than those without public goals. The survey also showed that 73 percent of the respondents did set energy reduction goals and that’s up more than 50% compared to two years earlier. Nearly third of those who did set public goals used external funding to meet their goals and 72 percent of them also plan to increase their investments in energy efficiency.

The annual survey was conducted among 3000 decision-makers in 10 countries around the world and based on the results, the overall energy efficiency importance is up 116 percent compared to 2010.

It’s becoming more important for building owners to have green-building certification. However, the study also showed one weak point, which are public policies.

“We need public policies and private investment to work together to reduce the market’s uncertainty and capture this year’s momentum toward a more energy efficient global economy,” said Dave Myers, president of Johnson Controls Building Efficiency.

The survey, Energy Efficiency Indicator, was conducted for the seventh time by Johnson Controls, leader in solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings.

You can learn more about the 2013 Energy Efficiency Indicator at

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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3 summer marketing ideas

admin on July 2nd, 2013

Here are some ideas for you to help your business make it to the next level this summer.

1. Participate in a community summer event – Often cities have fairs or parades or other types of special events. These events are the perfect opportunity for you to let people in your community not only know that you exist but that you care

2. Plan a special for a summer holiday – Whether it is 4th of July or National Ice Cream month (by the way July is national ice cream month) people love for you to give them a reason to do business with you. This applies even if you are not a retail store.

3. Use the weather to your advantage – While it isnt a lot of fun to walk around during the winter, this time of year you can use the weather as a reason to meet your neighbors and even do fun things outside you can’t do other times of the year. Whether you create websites, run a day care or have a store, your business will grow if you simply get out there and meet people when they are happy in the sun

What are you going to do to market your business this summer?

Trucking as a Business

admin on May 5th, 2013

Often when we think of businesses, we forget all of the people who are self-employed that pass us every day. Perhaps one of the most overlooked possible careers for the self-starter who wants to own a business is working in the trucking industry. There are so many different types of trucking jobs to choose from. Of course there is the behind the wheel position as a driver and the support position of a back-up driver, but what other opportunities are there? You could work, loading or unloading trucks. You could find work dispatching or even giving directions to truckers. I have a friend who is an insurance agent that is a retired trucker and only works with trucker and the special insurance needs they have.
One of the perhaps more interest trucking jobs is logistics services. If you are not familiar with logistics these are the people who, simply put, hire truck drivers to take things from point A to point B. if you have a huge company then you either have your own trucks, but what smaller companies do is hire independent truck drivers to pick up their items and then deliver them where they need to go. In this case a logistics person, or company, arranges the when the items will be picked up, where they are going, when they will arrive, and how much it will cost. Of course if you only have one or two boxes then you use Fed Ex or UPS but when you have a whole bunch of things that need to go somewhere the logistics person becomes your greatest friend. The nice part about using a service like this is it really doesn’t matter where you are in the country. Because truckers are always looking for their next load, they contact a deliver solutions company to find something for them to haul. The more a truck can be moving the more money it makes.
A great example of a company that handles logistics is Stevens Transport. You can find a ton of information out about how logistics works as well as how you can use a company like this to help you: run a truck and keep it busy, get your shipment where you need it, or even how you can become a logistic services coordinator yourself.
If you are thinking about going into business by yourself you might be surprised how many opportunities you can find in trucking.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Filing Taxes

admin on February 2nd, 2013

Well it is that time of year again. Time to look at last years income and file our taxes. For some this is a very scary thing every year. Here are 5 suggestions to help you when filing this year.

1. Make sure you have all of your paperwork together before starting – it is easy to forget that we may have forms coming for things like: Student Loan interest, Home Mortgage interest or even gambling winnings. Make sure you set aside a special place for all of your forms as they arrive so when it is time to do your filing you know where everything is.

2. Use an online filing system. – I personally like Turbo Tax, but there are several to choose from. These systems not only will walk you through nearly every possible tax situation, but they will also save your data securely from year to year so that you can know what things you filed last year and compare what you list this year to last year. It also offers the benefit of not having to fill in repetitive information like your address and social security numbers. And these systems work great for small business owners

3. Don’t forget deductions. – Things like medical premiums, house and student loan interest; even things like buying a hybrid car or upgrading to more efficient heating can be deductible. Take the time to see what deductions you might be eligible for this year.

4. Tax Credits are your friend. – If you have children there are several credits including earned income credit and child tax credit. You can get a credit for child care expense. You can even get credit for your retirement savings. The best part about tax credits is if you can get the money back if you have an overage. Deductions will take you to 0 tax due but a credit can get you money!!!

5. Don’t stress!!! – So many times I see people who are really worried about their taxes. The truth is that for most people going through the process of filing online with something like turbo tax if you have all your information is extremely quick and easy. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard people remark how much easier it was than they feared. And if you don’t understand it or want help there are many places like the senior center or the library that offer free help. Still don’t get it? Don’t be afraid to go to a service like HR Block and have them do your taxes for you.

The key this year to a low stress tax season is to be prepared and not to worry. If you use these tips this could be your best tax year ever.

Did you know that 40 of energy in U.S. is consumed by the buildings sector, 30% by the industrial sector and 29% by the transportation sector? I didn’t. I also didn’t know that Carbon Dioxide Emissions for U.S. Buildings is roughly 2200 Million Metric Tons, and this number doesn’t include the industrial sector. In all honesty, these numbers don’t show us much, considering we probably can’t even imagine what the numbers mean. So an easy way to understand the size of the numbers is to compare them with something. For example, the emissions number back in 1980 was 1562 and expected number for 2035 is 2396 (according to U.S. Department of Energy).

And with everyone talking about energy crisis, global warming, the world population growth, it should be obvious that something should be done to address that by all of us.

The most simple things we can do is to change the way we live, start recycling (if you’re not doing it already), take shorter showers, and coming back to the beginning, make sure your building is as energy efficient as possible.

To help improve things and make realizing improvements as easy as possible, Johnson Controls, global leader in building efficiency, demonstrated the Panoptix solution at the Greenbuild Expo in San Francisco. Panoptix is a cloud-based open platform, combination of software and services, meant to help building managers of all sorts track the performance of their buildings and improve it. The system makes it possible to track the performance of the building systems and subsystems real time using your laptop or any other device for the matter and reduce energy use where possible.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

Basic Accounting Part 2

admin on October 20th, 2012

More on knowing how your accounting is working

Basic Accounting Part 1

admin on October 20th, 2012

In order to succeed in business you need to know how where you money is going.

How many followers does your business NEED?

admin on September 3rd, 2012

All the time on Twitter we see people saying how they can get 2,000 or 5,000 or 20,000 followers for you today.  But really how many followers does your business need?

  • Do you do business internationally or is it just local?
  • Does your sales demographic include everyone or is it to a niche market?
  • Do you have enough inventory or capacity that if you had 10, 20, 1000 or 20,000 customers tomorrow you could serve them?
  • How many customers do you want?
  • Do you use Twitter regularly or would all these people just be looking at your 0 tweets?
  • How much traffic can your website handle before it crashes?

These and many other questions should come before you add a mass of people to any of your social media sites.  If you are ready; if you can answer the questions and know you can handle and want a ton of new customers today then what is stopping you from using these services?  Here is one last thing for you to consider.

Who are these people?

 I am sure they are nice people and I am sure that all of them are looking for something, but are they looking for YOU! Are they looking for what you company is offering?  If the answer is ” I don’t know”.  Then you should really rethink this as a strategy.  You would be better off to get one new Twitter follower that you are interacting with and that is buying from your company then to have a million new followers and no sales.

Social media is great tool but remember it is just a TOOL.  A tool used for what it is intended for in the hands of someone who knows how to use it is a wonderful aid that will get the job done.  But in the wrong tool in the wrong hands usually ends up with something broken.

There are a lot of reasons why you will want to have a life coach and there are a lot of ways that you can use the life coach tips to help you find success. You need to admit to yourself that you first need help. You need to admit that the future that you have now is not what the future that you would like to have. You will find that the life coach that you hire will ask you what it is that you want out of life and then they will help you to get on a path so that you can meet all of your future goals.

You will find that there are a lot of people who are looking for their happiness, but they are unable to sustain their happiness. You will want to consider the fact that there are many ways that you can see yourself happy, and there are a lot of ways that you can find your happiness if you look at working on your life in the many different ways. You will also want to consider the fact that a life coach will take you anywhere that you want to go. It’s really all about what you want, and they do not suggest that you have to change your entire life to find your happiness.

One of the ways that you can take their advice is so that you can set better goals to help motivate yourself. You will be able to identify all that you need to work on and then you will be able to reach for a lot of your dreams at the same time. Your coach will give you the confidence and the motivation just by allowing you to set some goals.

Secondly, you will need to think about the ways that you can accomplish your goals. This means that your coach will help you to find a way for you to take your to-do lists and make them into smaller goals. This is a way to built your confidence and work quickly towards a common goal. You will also find that you will make less big mistakes when you learn to accomplish the little goals, but it also help you to find the self confidence that you need.

With a life coach you will feel that you make fewer mistakes in your personal life or even in your career. This is become the coach is going to teach you how to trust yourself. They are going to show you that you are able to make good decisions and you are going to find a lot of confidence in their motivation. This will help you to work out any of the emotional issues that you have that hold you back from having success.

You will also take their advice when it comes to moving up in the world. They are going to make you feel so good about yourself that you are going to find an emotional balance that will allow you to reach for better things. You are going to have the confidence that you need to get the promotions or get the date. You are going to be changed completely because of the way that you feel about yourself and your current success rate. You will learn how to overcome your fears and hang-ups so that you can work on yourself.

Because of the confidence you will be able to find the success that you need to be happy. In the end the coach is going to show you how to become a successful and confident person.


Are you a Business Owner

admin on April 21st, 2012

At lunch the other day I was talking with a group of people and I realized how many people either dont know they are business owners, want to start a business but dont know how, or dont really know what being a business owner means.  Here a couple of examples of people who during the course of the discuss discovered that not only were they business owners but that they had been missing out on the benefits of business ownership such as tax deductions and credits.

  • Do you own rental property?  As a rental property owner you ARE a business.  Depending on the city you live in they may even want you to get a business license for your rental company.  But did you know that all of the expenses of your rental house are business deductions?  Need to replace a water heater, a roof, or a garage door?  Dont forget to claim the cost of it on your taxes as well as the cost of property tax and so much more.
  • Do you do odd job such as lawn mowing?  If you are a teenage earning money to go to the movies this weekend then you dont need to think of pushing the lawnmower as a business; BUT if even the older lady across the street pays your husband to mow the lawn that is a business.  This means that not only is the gas in the mower a business expense, but so is: the wear on the mower, the cost of gas in the car to go get gas for the mower, even the trash bags you put lawn clipping in could be a business expense.

What kind of things could you be doing as a business?

  • Sell Avon
  • Repair cars
  • Fix fences
  • Replace broken mail boxes

There are a lot of small needs out there.  You dont have to quit your day job to be a business person all you need to do is look around for a need and then fill it.

What business would you like to start?